"Creating New Memories with Every Bite"

We offer an array of delightful treats such as....

Smash down Funnel Cakes    $7+

Funnel Cake Fries   $7+

Deep Fried Cheesecake   $7+

Kool-Aid Pickles   $4

Eat -m- Up Deep Fried Oreos   $6+

Candy Apples   $4+

Italian Icees   $4+

Cotton Candy   $4+

Gourmet Popcorn and Traditional Popcorn   $4+

Apple Pie Fries   $7+

Peach Pie Fries   $7+

Yum-Yum Pies   $6

Pick-m-up Fried Pickles   $6

Pineapple Lemonade   $4+

Pineapple Sweet Tea   $4+

Chocolate Dipped Oreos   $7

Howling Hot Chocolate(seasonal)   $4

Screaming Apple Cider(seasonal)   $4

Deep Fried S'mores (seasonal)   $7

Deep Fried Twinkie (seasonal)   $5

Deep Fried Honey Bun (seasonal)   $6

Deep Fried PB&J (seasonal)   $5


 *All menu items are subject to availability *

All menu items can be scaled up or down to fit your event needs. We also, have new limited time feature items occasionally..

We occasionally offer items like Chocolate covered strawberries,deep fried Twinkies,deep fried honeybuns, gourmet candy apples and other treats.

Some items on our menu are gluten free. We also, offer vegan options upon request.

Some options include, cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes (special request), lemonade,tea,kool-aid pickles,pick-m-up fried pickles and Italian Icees.